Nummies Bake Shop


Nummies Bake Shop is a small batch bakery operating under the Florida Cottage Law. Working in small batches ensures you get the freshest product every time! We pride ourselves on delivering fresh, scrumptious, homey desserts with unique twists. You won’t see traditional flavors on our menu, because we have taken time to develop cookies, pies, and cakes with distinctive flavor profiles. We want to offer you fun fresh takes on traditional goodies. If you’re looking for classic flavors, we will gladly help you out with that too! 




Erica Cruz


After years of baking as a hobby, Erica Cruz decided to quit her day job, and head back to school. She attended Johnson & Wales University where she honed her skills in the world of baking and pastry. While in school, Erica worked as a pastry cook, and further developed her knowledge of the kitchen. Equipped with entrepreneurial spirit, baking knowledge, and drive to share her playful take on traditional desserts, she decided to venture off on her own. With help from her then 2-year-old niece, Erica finally had the perfect name, Nummies Bake Shop!